Goodbye, Labrador

01 May 11

Posted at 5:04


Some photos I took during a Goodbye, Labrador show. I really really like their sound and the show was awesome. I couldn't resist taking a few photos, especially because of those backgrounds and lights.



30 April 11

Posted at 11:09


A few days ago my best friend got married. She asked me to be the photographer at the wedding and of course I said yes. 
So glad I got to capture some of the happiness and excitement. :)




I think I'll be updating the blog more often again. I've been shooting more lately.. I think I'd forgotten how much I love it.



New York

02 December 10

Posted at 9:45


So I've decided to start posting more personal things on this blog. I take a lot of photos daily, I just like to document my life. Not in a "I'm behind the camera and don't get to enjoy the moment" kind of way, but I like to have small pieces of the good times so I can look at them later. Call me cheesy but I love it.


Anyway, at the end of October I made a really sudden decision: I bought a plane ticket to New York. My sister paid it for me as a birthday gift (yes, I know I'm lucky!). Keep in mind, I'm pretty much broke at the moment and wouldn't have much money to spend while I was there. I didn't care, I just wanted to go.


Before I continue, I just gotta say this.. going to New York City has been one of my dreams/goals in life for about.. 5 years. Living there, working there, being a part of it. I know it's a cliché but I don't really care. So you can imagine how it felt when I was on the plane, ready to land. I arrived there on November 2nd (a month ago!) in the afternoon. It was around 9pm in Lisbon.. Oh yeah, I suffered a bit because of the jet lag.


The next two weeks were amazing. I went to a few of the usual tourist-y places, like Times Square, 5th Avenue, etc etc. I also went to MoMA (loooooved it). And that's all fine, I wanted to see those places of course. But I admit, most of the time was spent in Brooklyn, hanging out with my awesome host, eating (A LOT) of good food, seeing sights and places, learning new things, meeting new people, going to concerts and lots of other things.

Now I look back at the photos I took during those two weeks and think "Why didn't I take more?!". But at the same time... it's fine. I was pretty much just trying to absorb the things, places, people around me. I was living! And also, I will be back so there's no need to do it all at once.


Here are some snapshots from those 2 weeks.



















Lisbon Fashion Week

24 November 10

Posted at 9:51

Last month I went to Lisbon Fashion Week (Moda Lisboa). I went there as a part of the Xiiks team and my mission was to document the return of the beautiful model Karina Silva to the runway.

Here's a selection of photos I took that day.






Samuel Úria and B Fachada

23 November 10

Posted at 1:47

samuel úria, b fachada


samuel úria, b fachada


I know I've been MIA, but I will try to post a bit more often from now on. I have some works that haven't seen the light of day yet, so I think it's time.


Samuel Úria and B Fachada are two portuguese musicians. I took these photos on a cold winter day, right at the entrance of Cinema São Jorge in Lisbon.

For Parq Magazine - these are outtakes, neither of these were published but they remain my favorites.


New Website!

15 August 10

Posted at 9:05

Hello everybody, welcome to my new blog and website!

Thank you to the awesome Andrew Kendall for all his work (also, do check out digitalphotogallery, it's totally worth it).


I'll be updating this blog quite regularly with new work (or old unseen work, who knows) and other bits and pieces of life and photography I want to share with the world.


- Diana